Cal Poly loses to Saint Mary; face bye week before UC Santa Barbara

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Cal Poly drops to 1-1 conference record after losing to Saint Mary’s 94-7.

The match was originally scheduled to be a home game for the Mustangs, but was moved due to field closures from poor weather in previous weeks.

Saint Mary’s controlled the lead early and kept scoring points throughout the entirety of the match. Cal Poly was able to get on the board late in the game after they were awarded a penalty try after back-to-back 5m scrums at Saint Mary’s goal line.

Cal Poly will rest this Saturday for a bye week before travelling down to Isla Vista to play UC Santa Barbara on March 4th.

UCSB has a conference record of 1-3 and will play their final conference match of the season when they play the Mustangs.

Cal Poly beat UCSB in last year’s match by a score of 27-3.

Updates for the match against UCSB including time and venue will come next week.