Full time for the Cal Poly Class of 2012

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The final whistle has blown for the Cal Poly graduates of 2012. Rugby players David Arnold (Business Administration), Ben Crosby (Accounting), Matt Fleming (Construction Management), Joe Saldana (History), David Schaefer (Construction Management), Eddie Varea (Aerospace Engineering), Matt Verga (Agricultural Systems Management) & Nick Verhaeghe (Marketing) all graduated last week at the Cal Poly Football Stadium. Other senior Cal Poly Ruggers scheduled to graduate in the fall include, Aaron Bordenave, Billy Buxton & Landis Nasser.

All seniors found it hard saying good bye to the Rugby mates they’ve made over the years. “My decision to play rugby was the best choice I made while attending Cal Poly. The friendships that I made while playing will last a lifetime. I will always remember the time I spent playing side by side with my teammates.” Said graduate Matt Fleming.

Since the team’s final match in late April,

the Mustangs who will be returning next season, enjoyed a few weeks off to rest and recuperate from the long season that began back in early September 2011. Those few weeks off were enough to get the boys a little restless and raring to get back into it to begin preparations on what is looking to be an exciting 2012-13 season.

As part of their off season training plan, Coach Burnett has been running the Mustangs through their paces away from the usual rugby training field. “I think its important that while we’re not ‘in season’, we take the opportunity to move away from the training field and get out & about around SLO to keep fit.” Burnett said.

The sunny SLO weather and long spring days have been the perfect setting for the Mustangs off season training which has included hill runs, hiking, track sprints

and a very tough & enjoyable outrigger canoe session with the Avila Beach Outrigger Canoe Club lead by Cal Poly Rugby father & son duo Mike (81) & Nate (13) Nunno.

“It’s an awesome off season, cross training workout. I think all the boys really enjoyed getting out on the water and pushing themselves pretty hard. These kinds of activities go a long way in building team unity and getting us to know each other better away from our normal training.” Said Nate Nunno.

Now the university year is all wrapped up and summer is underway, the Cal Poly Rugby players will go home and put the hard work into the gym. Cal Poly Rugby Alum Steffan Thomas (11)

has written a comprehensive strength and conditioning program for the whole squad to follow during the break. The program has two main objectives; 1) get the team bigger, stronger & more powerful for next season, and 2) get the players moving & rotating in similar angles of that required during a game to strengthen their ligaments & joints to prevent injury.

The Cal Poly Rugby Club would like to thank all the parents, alumni and fans for all their support during the 2011/12 season. We looked forward to successful and enjoyable 2012/13 season.